The 19 degrees of the internet.

At present there are over 14 billion individual web pages out there, and a Hungarian scientist is claiming that any two of these pages are separated by no more than 19 clicks. Which, to us, sounds like the start of a new game that would put the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon to shame. We decided to put this new 19 clicks theory to a not-very-scientific test but quickly found that it's a hard theory to prove, or disprove, without some complicated algorithms to hand. Because, once you get down to it, the number of different blind alleys you can go down becomes immediately apparent. There may be 19 clicks between even the most varied pages, but it's only 19 clicks if you choose the right link each and every time. Seems like we'll have to stick to the Kevin Bacon game for the moment. It did, however, produce an amazing looking map with basically makes a visual of the internet. "Red lines represent links between web pages in Asia, green for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, blue for North America, yellow for Latin America and white for unknown IP addresses."