At Hunter we pride ourselves on disruptive authenticity. We create a conversation for your brand while sticking to what you are. We don’t dictate, we listen. To what you want, to what you need and focus on engaging with the audience. We bring our expertise, talent and partners to the table to ensure that your brand makes an impact and is at the forefront of the zeitgeist. 

This year Hunter is celebrating 10 years connecting brands. Founded by Lynn Hunter a decade ago, we are a vibrant, dynamic full-service agency that captures meaningful brand stories. We think big and work with purpose for all our clients. We are communications experts, digital natives, content creators and event magicians. We are creating a new definition for communications. 

We work with FMCG brands, fashion houses, celebrities, drinks companies, festivals and beauty brands. Our nimble creativity means that we can move fast and react to local and world events to ensure your brand is always relevant. 

Social Integrity

Our business practice is best explained with a simple concept - Lead with kindness. Whether that’s pitching in with the local community, looking after the environment or in our day to day dealings, we aim to get the job done, while keeping it sound. 

We speak with our values and work, as well as our wallets. We work with some amazing clients that luckily, are on the same page when it comes to making a meaningful contribution in our work. In the last year with their help we’ve made donations to The Capuchin Centre, the DSPCA and Alone. 

Living sustainably is a passion of our team, led by our eco-queen Fiona, and we strive to keep our environmental impact as low as possible in all that we do. That means no unnecessary packaging in press drops, steering clear of single use plastics and always endeavouring to recycle where possible. Over the last number of years we’ve massively reduced our imprint on the world and are always looking to the next step in our sustainable journey. 

As a company we don’t just stand for something - we live it.