Could Pheed be the new Twitter?

If you have any interest in media, marketing or social networking then you'll know that talk about the 'next' twitter, facebook, pinterest, tumblr or instagram never really ends... and generally includes plenty of false starts and hype. But... Pheed is shaping up at the moment to be a serious contender as a legitimate social media business model, not least because they seem to have included a plan to, you know, 'make money' as part of their business model. Pheed appears to be positioning itself as a more multimedia-friendly, quality-driven version of twitter. The Pheed platform allows sharing of text, photos, videos, audio tracks, voice-notes and live broadcasts. So far they seem to be targeting the tech-savvy teenage twitter market; kids who love to follow celebrities (or those with a bit of online caché). And, so far, it has worked; a few well placed endorsements from prolific tweeters like Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale and David Guetta has helped it soar to the top of the App charts, above twitter and facebook. So far, so good. But what about the money? Pheed's plan is to charge users to view the feeds from the most popular, or high quality, users. So if Justin Beiber got in on the act they would charge his legion of fans to follow his feed. Beiber would get a healthy share of the profits and (so the plan goes) his Pheed followers would be able to access exclusive videos, audio and posts. You can see how it would appeal to those with thousands, or even millions, of followers on twitter. Of course a lot depends on users' willingness to pay for a version of the service they already get for free across a range of apps. But anyone with an interest in social media will be keeping a close on Pheed over the coming months.