Six memorable BRIT Award moments.

The 33rd edition of the BRIT Awards are held tonight which got us thinking of the best moments in the event's history. It also got us listening to some of this year's nominees on Deezer, so stick on our free BRITS playlist and check out our six favourite moments from the BRIT Awards below. Mick Fleetwood and Samantha Fox presenting Never has a screw-up worked out so well. The awful presenting skills of the legendary frontman Fleetwood and the singer/actress/model Fox have gone down in legend. But the car wreck that was the 1989 BRIT Awards ensured that more people began to tune in, in the hope they would see more disasters. Michael Jackson vs Jarvis Cocker To pop music what Eric Cantona kicking a fan was to football. There we were watching Michael Jackson do his usual 'save the children' stuff when who shows up on stage? Jarvis Cocker, and he was waving his bum. Great stuff.

Geri Halliwell's Union Jack dress

Right at the height of Spicemania and Ginger Spice comes out wearing a tea towel. Or, to be more accurate, a Union Jack tea towel that was sown onto her dress on the day of the show. The dress was later sold for over £40,000.

Robbie Williams vs Liam Gallagher

Just as we were recovering from the whole Blur versus Oasis thing a new fight begun; the former Take That singer asks a screaming crowd if they'd like to see him fight the Oasis frontman. Sadly we are still waiting to see the pair in a ring together.

Florence & the Machine with Dizzie Rascal

The BRITS has gone a bit quiet by 2010 and it felt like a bit of controversy might help. Instead we got one of the most memorable BRIT performances in years, and everyone remembered that the awards were about more than scandalous dresses and fights.

Adele steals the show

A performance that has been viewed 142 million times and counting. It speaks for itself really.