The A-Z of surving your office Christmas party!

It may be cold and windy outside but the atmosphere here at Hunter PR is electric!! We have our office Christmas party tonight and we cannot wait to be let loose on the town to paint it Hunter PR Style!

Check out our A-Z of how to survive your office Christmas party!

A: Attend! - You may think by skipping your Christmas party, you'll also skip the horrible embarrassment that is you when you have had a few! You would be wrong! Attending your Christmas party gives you a greater chance to mingle with those in power and can be a great way to get you noticed and build social circles.

B: Balance! - Some Christmas parties may give you a free for all bar for you to tank up, that doesn't mean you should. Pace yourself. Balance each drink with one glass of water.

C: Chat! - Use this opportunity to get to know colleagues you wouldn't have normally gotten the chance to chat to before. What's work without a few friends eh?

D: Dancing! - Your office Christmas party may not be the perfect time for you to do your best attempt at the 'worm' across the dance floor, unless you want that memory on your permanent record!

E: Etiquette - You are around work colleagues so keep it PG, language, conversation, gifts.

F: Food - The festive season is tough on the wallet, and no doubt your Christmas party will have some nibbles, so tuck in, don't be shy. You'll regret that 3am trip to McDonalds.

G: Greet! - If the Christmas party went exceptionally well for you and got a little out of hand, walk into work with your head held high. Chances are people will be frantically looking for some pain killers rather than daydreaming about your drunken strip-a-thon!

H: H20! - Water is the ultimate survival necessity, drink before, during and after the party.

I: Interact! - It is likely that games of some sort may be at your party, participate don't spectate, it is a great way to show everybody just how better you are then them when you win!

J: Jokes! - Bob in the canteen might love your 'what do a managing director and a donkey have in common' jokes but your managing director definitely won't! Steer clear.

K: Kiss-o-gram! - You've had the office romance of the century, that doesn't mean you should have a face eating contest in front of your employers.

L: Limit - Limit your alcohol in-take as much as possible - It's a bad idea to become the embarrassment of the party, you also don't want your boss thinking your a serial wine-o!

M: Material! - Think ahead and plan some questions for you to revert to should you get caught out in an awkward conversation. Avoid yes or no questions.

N: Names - I don't know about you but I find names a difficult one. You might pass by 'what's his face' at the printer fifteen times a day but you just can't seem to remember his name! The only way around this is to introduce, sweetie, honey or Darling into your vocabulary for these occasions. Until their BFF shouts their name from the bar at least.

O: Other Half! - Ensure you spouse feels comfortable with you at the party, introduce them to your colleagues, don't ditch them.

P: Pick-up-joint! - It's an office party, and probably not the best place to whip out your best chat up lines! That is if you want to keep your job?

Q: Quams! - Employers have this whole thing about not bringing your personal life into the work place, and we are guessing this probably goes for the Christmas party too. Save your dagger looks and snide remarks for Facebook!

R: Resist! - the urge to discuss office politics. Or complain about work loads. It's a party, not a whingefest!

S: Style! - Your LBD might look great on a night out with the gals but is it really appropriate for a work function?

T: Thankful! - Being thankful and extending your gratitude goes a long way, don't forget to thank your boss for putting on such a great evening!

U: Unwind! - It is a party after all, turn your phone on silent, leave your work at home for the evening, and give your attention to those you're chatting with.

V: Vent! - Save all of your amazing life changing ideas for the office, chances are your boss is unlikely to recall them after the party.

W: Wait! - Try and take on the skill of waiting a couple of seconds before you blurt out what ever it was you were going to say. It may save you a lot of heartache.

X: X-mas! Don't run yourself down by over doing it, Christmas is just around the corner.

Y: Yippe! - Above all enjoy yourself.

Z: Zzzzzz sleep, sleep, sleep.. try leave the party at a reasonable hour if you've got work the next morning.