Hunter's Favourites on Deezer this Week

After months of fine-tuning, introducing the new Deezer...The stripped-back, smart redesign puts music recommendation first. The new streamlined design makes it easier than ever to discover music you’ll love. You can now enjoy personalised greetings and super smart recommendations from Flow. Help it learn your tastes by telling it when you love or hate a track. There is an improved search so it's easier to find the music you want. Deezer have also moved the player from the header to the sidebar, letting your recommendations take centre stage. Then the sidebar...A new sidebar gives you one-click access to your music library and to all the Deezer features you love. Access your account settings and information about Deezer by clicking on the icon next to your name. We've compiled a playlist to celebrate - Hunter's Favourites on Deezer this Week!