we’re celebrating all things Oz related. Here are some funny things the land down under has given!

Here at Hunter PR towers we’re celebrating all things Oz related. We may not have the sun, sand, or any kind of decent weather to throw a shrimp on the barbie (attempted in a horrific Aussie accent). So what are some of the things the land down under has given us?

Home & Away and Neighbours – The shows we’ve all loved at some point and time, and the often religiously followed student TV essential. When we should have been in lectures or tutorials we where instead back in our gaffs, at noon, with tea watching the sun kissed guys and girls down under on the beach.

Kylie Minogue – Lets not lie, we all love a bit of Kylie. From her dance tunes, to her hairdos, to our admiration for her bum, we Irish love ourselves a slice of Minogue (Danni Minogue didn't make the list *cough*).

Foster’s beer – You have to love their hilarious ads! Their ‘Good Call’ ads have brought sunshine and hilarity into our winter evenings, and are guaranteed to always make you laugh!


Australia Border Control – The epic TV show blasted onto our screens a few years ago and has become part of our TV culture (and several Sky Digital channels lineup). Nothing is funnier than watching tired, irritated, and usually seriously angry people getting caught trying to sneak in stuff… of all kinds!


Finding Nemo – Ok Walt Disney may deserve the credit here, but we all fell in love with the little fish who could! Nemo must be the coolest animated fish of all time!

Kangaroos – Our fascination with the bouncing creatures stemmed from the TV series Skippy The Bush Kangaroo… and we’ve been in love with them ever since!

Aussie Rules – The deadly sport that brings together our nations love of rugby, soccer and Gaelic football all in 4 quarters of play time with guys running around an oval shaped pitch trying to get a ball into one of four goals!

Sydney Harbour Bridge – The iconic structure has been welcoming people arriving into the harbour from distant lands for decades. Today we Irish use the footage of its famous New Years Eve fireworks celebrations as an excuse to kick-start our own celebrations 11 hours before our clocks actually strike midnight!


Uggs – If you haven’t heard of or seen Uggs, go hang around a Starbucks or Butlers café for like 5 minutes and you are sure to see scores of girls sporting the Aussie boots! The essential gear for Irish dudettes, it is now synonymous with the back combing D4 head generation as a kind of patch of pride.

Harvey Norman – The irritating voice that blasts onto our TV screens, usually around dinner time…. They also sell furniture!


Finally, some might thank Australia for taking Ronan Keating and Brian McFadden off our hands, giving old Eire a break! Happy Australia Day!


We will leave you with our tune of the day!