Best golf apps

With the Masters up and running and the weather (hopefully) going to get better we thought it was time to go through some of the best golf apps on the market at the moment. From watching to playing to gaming here are five of our favourites. Flick Golf There are a huge amount of golf games available on smartphones but Flick is our favourite because a) it's free and b) it's a simple, addictive game. Like with all good smartphone games it doesn't strive for total realism, but it doesn't bring some of the satisfaction - and frustration, of playing golf. The Rules of Golf Whether you're out on the course or just having an argument in the pub, this free app can resolve any dispute that can come up. It also works for those who wish to start an argument... PGA TOUR Great for keeping up-to-date with all the tournaments stateside with live leaderboards. You can also customize your leaderboard so you will always know - for example - how the Irish lads are doing. Scorecard There are many, many apps around claiming to make you a better golfer, though none struck us as particularly reliable. Maybe best to stick to using you're phone to become a more reliable scorekeeper. Yardage With a surprising amount of Irish courses covered this would suit any golfers who like to course-hop. There is a fee though, so make sure it covers the courses you are likely to be playing.