Hunter Trends - Timeless Style

We had great pleasure in knowing that the ladies of Advanced Style, helped to inspire one of the worlds top fashion designers Marc Jacobs for his Fall 2012 collection!! Not only did their personal style and expressions help to influence Marc Jacobs, but they also receive a mention in French Vogue!

It got us thinking, how does the timeless style of inspiring older women and men influence us in our daily lives? From hats and brooches, to shoes and jackets there is something in everyone's wardrobe that has been influenced by certain era or something that has stood the test of time and still remains in your closet, which is truly too special to throw away or donate...

Our most recent fixation would be brogue shoes which have been inspired by previous generations! Originating in Scotland and Ireland in the early twentieth century, the brogue has firmly stood the test of time.

Do you have any special timeless items in your wardrobe or items which have been passed down to you? Leave a comment and tell us a little about them