Samsung Galaxy SIV - The Rumour Mill

  It's arguably the most anticipated device launch of 2013, and ahead of the New York unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S4 tomorrow night (midnight, Irish time) the rumours are flying. So, like a technology version of a gossip column, we decided to sort out the wheat from the chaff. In one handy place; here are the varyingly accurate whispers we've heard about the new phone. We can expect to see the new Galaxy in Carphone Warehouse stores from very early May. Almost definite 'Floating touch' display, allowing users to control phone without touching the screen. A feature probably modified from the existing Galaxy Note range. A 5 inch screen up from the 4.8 inch screen on the Galaxy S3. Eight-core processor. Or, to give it it's proper name, the Exynos Octa 5410. 4G, while not in the Irish market yet there will almost certainly be 4G capability in the new phone. Maybe Eye-tracking technology, allowing the phone to know when your eye reaches the bottom of the screen when reading text, allowing automatic scrolling. This rumour is based on patents registered by Samsung. There could be an element of eye-tracking technology in the S4, though it may be a little further down the road before a phone can completely track your eye movements. Probably not Wireless battery charging. Unlikely to follow in the footsteps of the Nokia Lumia with wireless charging, though we'll probably see that in future Samsung smartphones. The battery life should be much improved however. Flexible display, another inovation that has probably come a little bit too soon for the Galaxy S4. Expect to hear a lot more about flexible, and transparent, displays in years to come however.