Pre Summer Checklist: Get that Dodgy Tattoo Removed

Summer and hotter days are waiting in the wings, so it's almost time for tee shirt weather, and the perfect time to start thinking about getting unwanted tattoos removed. FADE is Ireland's only dedicated laser tattoo removal and also skin therapy studio. FADE Laser is located at No. 2 Grafton Street, Dublin 2.

FADE Founder Aidan O’Connell - “No matter what your reasoning the good news is that nobody has to feel like they need to “just live with it” anymore. The permanency of tattoos is no longer something which has to be accepted, they can be dealt with.”

“Treatment is quick and painless for most people so stop staring in the mirror at your past mistakes and get on with looking to a tattoo-free future. With modern Picolaser technology, the incidence of fading and residue is minimised.”


FADE also offer state-of-the-art Skin Therapy packages - all with PicoSure - the world's leading technology for advanced Laser Tattoo Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Acne Scarring Treatment and Fine Line Reduction.

Picosure Laser was produced after 9 years of refining and research and is the best machine to remove unwanted tattoos and the only machine to deal with coloured tattoos. The PicoSure Laser is developed by Cynosure, the world leader in laser and light-based treatments for aesthetic applications. It is the world’s first picosecond laser for the removal of tattoos and areas of pigment such as age spots.


Get in touch for a Free Consultation with the expert team. Check out FADE Laser website for more info.