Pinterest and PR!

1. Storytelling Pinterest is an ideal platform for storytelling. And when it comes to PR, we strongly believe that the storytelling approach works much better than direct promotions. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and a sequence of pictures can create millions of stories. Pinterest is all about pictures. 2. Visual Experience We strongly believe visuals are a very powerful tool for PR purposes. Pinterest provides a great way to pin your customer stories on your Pinterest boards. As a business, you should encourage your customers to share interesting items, thereby improving the overall appeal of your board and in turn improving the visual experience for your customers. 3. Videos Videos represent the lesser publicised aspect of Pinterest. As a PR tool, a company can use Pinterest videos to educate users about its history or to address any industry issues by pinning them to the board 4. Contests We believe Pinterest is a great platform to hold contests to spread the word on your business’ products and services. Come with some innovative contest ideas, ask customers to re-pins, participate on specific boards or creating boards on their own. Contests are a great way to improve your company’s PR image. 5. Events As a business, if you attend any trade shows or conferences, it’s a good idea to share the pictures and videos on your Pinterest board. Many users (including us) routinely use Pinterest to gather more information about such events. 6. Contribute Pinterest is a platform where you can contribute to other boards and earn recognition. If you contribute, like and share other Pinterest users’ boards and items with similar interests, it serves as a passive PR tool for your business. 7. Balance As with any other social media network, it’s important to find the right balance on Pinterest for your social media efforts. You don’t do enough and your efforts will go unrecognised. You overdo it – and it works in the opposite direction. Have you used Pinterest for PR yet? What’s your success mantra? Please have your say by leaving a comment.