Original Penguin x Aches


NEW ORIGINALS is the brand new series dedicated to unique and inspiring trailblazers who offer something truly different and original in today's modern society. These talented and influential individuals all share our love for originality and that's why Original Penguin have teamed up with them to show the world what it really means to #BeAnOriginal. Original Penguin want to support and celebrate young talent and allow others to experience it, learn from it and go on a discovery with Original Penguin. First up in the series was world-renowned parkour and urban exploring extraordinaire, Daniel Ilabaca. Now it’s the turn of Dublin muralist and graffiti writer Aches. Aches has been adding pops of colour to the world with his unique street art. Aches says, “I’m constantly trying to evolve my style. People are really appreciative of the work and colour that you’re adding to the city.” “Being original means challenging myself…As long as you’re keeping stuff original you’re keeping it interesting, it’s a lot more fun that way.” “Thanks to Original Penguin for involving me in this project and taking an interest in my art, it was great to be able to add another mural to the city.”