Never Miss a Word with Deezer

Deezer becomes the first global music streaming service to integrate synchronised lyric streaming, enabling music fans to see the words of much-loved tracks in real time....Needless to say we're excited!! Hunter Communications Leading global music streaming service Deezer announced the launch of its new Lyrics feature, helping bedroom Beyoncé’s and ‘have a go’ Gagas to get the lyrics right to their favourite tracks. For the first time ever, users will be able to see the words to millions of songs all in the Deezer music player, at the touch of a button. Rolling out today, users will be able to choose from two modes; ‘Sing-a-long’, which enables listeners to sing to synchronised lyrics with words automatically highlighted in time with the song, or ‘Score mode’ which provides the song-sheet on a single screen. So whether you’re at home singing with your friends to a feel-good track or looking for inspiration before a tough day at work, Deezer’s new Lyrics feature makes accessing the right words to a song quick and easy. With over five million Google searches performed for song lyrics every day, music fans’ thirst for getting the words right is bigger than ever. Deezer’s unique Lyrics feature now makes access to lyrics even more simple – and much more fun. Deezer partnered with LyricFind, the world’s leader in legal lyrics solutions to offer the first-ever implementation of synchronized lyrics from a major streaming service. “Our team of transcribers have been capturing and time-stamping lyrics literally for years,” says LyricFind CEO Darryl Ballantyne. “We are excited to be launching this with a brand that is as international as we are. This is a huge day for music fans.” Deezer Lyrics key features:

  • Sing-a-long mode: synchronised lyrics, which guide users through the song; as the lyrics are sung the words are shown on the screen.
  • Score mode: fixed lyrics to view all the words on one screen, so users can learn the words at their own pace.
  • An easy-to-locate button providing one-click access to a song’s lyrics on the music player.

Alexandre Croiseaux, VP Product, Deezer said: “Everyone has that one song that they love but haven’t quite figured out the words to. With Lyrics we’ve made it fast and easy to access the words to your favourite song on Deezer for the first time. It’s just another example of how we are continuously seeking ways to create an exciting experience for our 16 million plus users, and bring them closer to the music they love” The Lyrics feature is available for free or premium users, so never miss a word with Deezer!