Is 5G on the way?

For a while here in Ireland we've be waiting in quiet anticipation for 4G to arrive. And there should be some 4G capability in some areas of  the country this side of Christmas (should being the operative word). But, just when we are close to getting our hands on the next generation of mobile network coverage, what happens? Samsung steal 4G's thunder by announcing something about 5G and makes us all feel completely behind the times. So are we? Simply put; no. The 5G announcement was simply a masterful PR stunt by Samsung as Forbesexplained rather well. Without getting too techy about it' the main points to remember are that 5G doesn't technically exist yet, and Samsung themselves don't see such a technology hitting the market until 2020. So panic over, we can still feel smug when we get on 4G and boast loudly about how fast our mobile download speed is. Oh, and if you want to find out a bit more about all this 4G talk then the Geek Squad over at Carphone Warehouse are the lads to talk to.