Festival Wishlist

We're still excited to hear the Castlepalooza lineup announcement later in the year, but with the confirmation of the Body & Soul and Sea Sessions line-ups this week we're closer to formulating a fully formed plan for our summer shenanigans. And while there are plenty of big acts snapped up there are still a few big fish for the remaining festivals to land. We've put together a list of some of the acts we'd like to see pop up at an Irish festival this year. We've put together a free Deezer playlist (below) with our picks. But who would you like to hear? The Big Names PossiblesMy Bloody Valentine - Yet to announce an Irish date, but surely we're set to see them this summer? They've already announced appearances at seven different festivals including Primavera. Depeche Mode - Taking in plenty of festivals this summer as part of their European Tour, though they will be in North America by mid-August... Outside Bet Daft Punk - No dates confirmed yet - or even a tour for that matter - but could be a late (and welcome) addition to a few line-ups. Small, But Great PossiblesYACHT - Great and underrated electropop band from Oregon, would be brilliant addition to a smaller festival. No European dates announced yet, we live in hope. Pokey LaFarge - Great live bluegrass act, as anyone who saw them on Jools Holland's 2012 Hootnanny will testify. Playing European dates in August, so they'll be in town. Outside Bet Wu Tang Clan - No tours scheduled yet, but there hasn't been much in the way of hip-hop scheduled so far and this lot would get a great reception at an Irish festival Dreaming Rolling Stones - Not a hope in hell, unless you're talking Glastonbury, but wouldn't it be great to get them out of a stadium and into some nice, muddy festivals? LCD Soundsystem - Possibly even less chance than Rolling Stones, but maybe, if we wish really hard, James Murphy will wake up bored one morning and decide to go back on that whole retiring LCD business.