Castlepalooza 2015

  Time sure does fly when you’re having fun! We can’t believe it’s been nine years since the very first Castlepalooza Festival back in 2006. Way back then, we could only dream of some of the wonderful moments we've enjoyed and shared over the years. Brilliant memories, full of amazing acts, a totally up-for-it crowd that and the major craic that Castlepalooza creates each year, hail rain or shine! Over the last decade the festival has developed a reputation for bringing together an eclectic mix of homegrown and international music as well as arts, food but above all – some of the best festival fun!!  We're also extra excited because things are slightly bigger but even better this year too. Our favourite place to party; The Courtyard, has undergone a bit of a revamp and apparently some previously hidden rooms will be revealed, extending into the walls of the medieval Charleville Castle, intriguing to say the least! Vodafone Centre Stage is back again and they're providing some ‘glamping’ extras too including 'Centre Stage Black Cab' that will offer free chauffeur rides, a fully-fledged costume shop for fancy dress competition and for those who want to take some time out from the festivities, there will be a Recharge Space to chill and recharge yourself and your phones all in one go. Score! So who's playing I hear you ask, well there's a bit of something for everyone, with Hercules and Love affair headlining alongside of Montreal, it's an eclectic line up that also includes the following; and with more to be announced, what are you waiting for? Get booking and we'll see you there for a shuffle! For more info: Adeyhawke, Aeroplane, Alex Metric, Alexander Nut, April Towers, Arman Giorgio, Baz Hickey, Bennihana, Benny Smiles, Bufallo Woman, Cave Ghosts, Colour // Sound, Columbia Mills, Dear Desert, Disco Punks, DVO Marvel, Electro Sensitive Behaviour featuring Perry Blake, Elephant, Fight Like Apes, Florence Olivier, Frankenstein Bolts, Fryars, Handsome Paddy, Hare Squead, Hauer, Hercules And Love Affair, Heroes in Hiding, I Have A Tribe, Imploded View, Jape, JB The Dee Jay, Jenny Greene, Jon Phonics, Joshua Burnside, King Kong Company, Kobina, Late Nite Tuff Guy, Mo Kolours, Mr Whippy, Murlo, Nialler 9, Not Squares, of Montreal, Overheard,Participant, Paul White, Plutonic Dust, Rocstrong, Row Hawke, State Lights, Slimzee, Synaesthete, Overhead; The Albatross, The Cacks, Tu Ki, Vann Music, Voids.