Back with a Bang!!

The Bang and Olufsen brand is no secret in the world of quality. Unfortunately, neither is the price at which this quality comes. But fear not, as they are with audio and visual solutions they are with cost. This has led them to develop the very slick and affordable “Play” range, making the quality and style of B&O products increasingly accessible. For all you music lovers, you’ll be delighted to know that they have put a huge emphasis on the audio end of their produce, creating everything from an in ear to over hear headphone range to modern day iPod docks and stylish home sound systems. On the move. Like everything they do, they are aware of various preferences that people have when it comes to listening to audio. As a result they have created both an in ear and over ear headphone range, the H6 (over ear) and the H3 (in ear). When asked about their latest range they said “We are extremely proud to announce the next generation of headphones, no loud colours here, simply style and substance”. They have carefully studied the human ear and designed the headphones to allow all frequencies to be delivered as the artist intended, at any given volume level. Aesthetically, these are equally as impressive. They have been designed by Danish industrial designer Jakob Wagner by using materials that are both durable and long lasting. When compared with other headphones on the market, both of these ranges come in at a very competitive price with the H6 available at €399 and the H3 being a mere €249. At home pleasures We wouldn’t blame you for thinking that because so much emphasis was put into their mobile audio range that they must have neglected their home systems…well you’re wrong. The best example of this is the A9 which is kitted out with an 8 inch woofer, two three quarter inch tweeter that provide everything you could possibly need to enjoy a crystal clear musical experience. This comes in a little more pricey at €1,999 but we can assure you it’s worth every penny.(If you have it) If the spherical design of the A9 is a bit much for your living room, B&O have designed the A8 which with slick and minimalistic design delivers the same B&O sound quality. As this is a wireless system it allows you to connect your iPod or iPad simply by using Apple AirPlay. The A8 also allows you to optimize its sound with three different locations settings– wall, corner or freestanding. The A8 also allows you to tailor it’s appearance with it’s new speaker covers. The new speaker covers in French Roast and Ultramarine Green are now available for purchase in Bang & Olufsen Shops and at Speaker covers are priced at £39. BeoPlay A8 is available in either black or white; speaker covers are available in French Roast, Ultramarine Green and four other colours. BeoPlay A8 is priced at £949 All products mentioned are available at quoted price at: Bang & Olufsen 6 Main Street  Donnybrook, Dublin 4 (01) 260 2404