What We’re Up To

We’re more than just a communications agency. We’re the tastemakers and tastebreakers and this is what we’re into this week…

What’s happening

We’ve been taking it VERY handy after a rain filled All Together Now weekend, but can’t give up our rosé habit. If Whispering Angel is a little out of your mid-week budget, make your way to M&S. We have it on Very good authority their selection is second to none, and you can get a pretty decent bottle for under a tenner. You’re welcome :)


What we’re up to

Love Island has left a very big hole in our lives, but queen Maura graced our shores with her presence this week. Hunky Dorys took inspiration from her famous catchphrase, launching their #FlavourFlutters campaign this week. It seemed it was a hit with the woman herself - she shared it with her 2 million Instagram followers.


What we’re listening to

Anything Tracy Clifford does is ok by us, so you can imagine we’re all pretty obsessed with her Studio 8 series for RTÉ. The best of Irish music talent in a room with our fave radio gal - heaven.

Take a listen to the magic here


What we’re loving

We’re big fans of a desk spritz. It probably doesn’t make much difference but we’ll take any help we can get. We’ve tried them all at this stage but have settled on Glossier’s offering for the moment. If nothing else, it looks pretty great hanging out beside our keyboards.

Get yours from Glossier.com