What Hunter PR are loving this week!

At the Smalto Show on Saturday in Paris the cutest child model was perfecting his walk. He was looking seriously smart closing the show in his black suit but he couldn't stop crying and Alexandre Cunha, the top male model that accompanied him down the catwalk eventually had to pick him up. Even crying his eyes out this little model still looks amazing and we predict big things for him.   Everyone in the office is loving smartphones and we're dying to get our hands on the amazing Samsung Galaxy S II. This is definitely one of the best Android phones out there and gives the I-phone a run for its money. If anyone else feels the same about the Samsung Galaxy then Entertainment.ie have a very cool competition from The Carphone Warehouse to win one of these phones. Once we get our smartphone we know the first app we'll be downloading, the Select Model Management App; Model Potential. The App delivers a verdict on your suitability for modelling and what type of modelling would best suit your look. Using the 'golden ratio' , the 2,400-year-old mathematical system, which was used by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, the users beauty and model potential is measured in accordance to their facial symmetry. We're not sure we'll be too happy with the app if it tells us we're average or anything less, fingers crossed we're all symmetrical!