We Want You

Fancy yourself as a rockstar? Sick of performing for your mum and the dog in the sitting room? Or is rocking out in your garage just not working for you anymore? The Carphone Warehouse are sponsoring The Courtyard at Castlepalooza this weekend and they have an amazing opportunity for all the aspiring musicians out there. Just head over to The Carphone Warehouse Facebook page and upload a video clip of you or your band performing on the Over to You App. The performer or band with the most votes by July 27th will win a slot at Castlepalooza.  An opportunity not to be missed so get your iPhones out and start recording your band for a chance to be performing at Castlepalooza this weekend. If this guy can do it so can you! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiblYasnzWE&feature=related]