Are Phones Waterproof?

Castlepalooza2014 The festival season is well and truly here and with it comes the ups and sometimes downs! If you've ever brought your mobile phone to a festival you know the pain and pleasure it can bring! It's definitely handy to be able to call a friend and find out where they are, but then there is the responsibility associated with carrying an expensive piece of kit in your pocket! Samsung waterproof There are a few phones on the market that make claims of being life proof! What they mean is they're water and dust resistant. Each phone is given an IP rating, (Ingress Protection) usually written as IP67, the first number is a measure of how dust proof the phone is. This range is 0 - 6, so a phone with IP67 is fully dust proof. The second number represents the phones water resistance. This is a number between 0 - 9. A rating of IP67 means the phone is fully dust proof and can be submerged in 1 meter of water. A couple of things to mention;

  • This is fresh water only! Even if your phone says that it is waterproof it doesn't include salt! Salt water destroys phones and electronics! Definitely worth remembering if your heading to Sea Sessions.
  • You must make sure that all the rubber seals are closed tightly!

There are some great waterproof handsets avaible at the moment such as the Samsung S5 and the Sony Xperia Z1. Both of these are available from Carphone Warehouse We will be heading down to Castlepalooza what festivals are you going to?