Us Irish can be too polite, let’s Be More Frank and Honest!

We’re a nation of storytellers, who are passionate about the weather, and who can’t accept a compliment - being frank and honest we are not. So Frank and Honest Coffee are calling on the citizens of Ireland to “be more frank and honest’’. Joanne McNally and James Kavanagh have taken to the streets to encourage people to open up about funny little secrets, white lies and confessions.

Frank and Honest Gourmet Coffee Company was set up by a bunch of romantics who were tired of waiting around for ‘the one’, that one perfect coffee. Sometimes you just have to take things into your own hands, control your own destiny. So the Cork based Frank and Honest team did just that, sourcing 100% Arabica beans from Brazil and Colombia, falling in love with the subtle hints of gingerbread, sherbet and the sweet aromas of brown sugar and white chocolate. Find a takeaway or cafe location to grab a coffee with your best mate and be more Frank and Honest! Find out more on, and keep an eye out for our next video.