Up close and personal with Deezer and Soundrop

Imagine listening to your favourite band, and being able to talk to all the other fans about their favourite track, album or even riff without being seen as "intrusive" or a "weirdo".  Well now you can. Deezer's partnership with interactive music app Soundrop means listening to music has never been so social. With the creation of real time social "listening rooms" you can now meet like minded fans to interact with, vote for the next song to be played and on occasion even experience real time chat with artists. This partnership is exactly what music has needed to bring artists and fans closer together. Not only will you get the opportunity to chat with your favourite artists and ask them the burning questions you really want to know the answers to, but you will get access to exclusive live performances and other fresh content. You would think that musicians with their busy schedules would be too busy to get involved in chats with their fans, but feedback showed that this is what these guys feed off and really enjoy. Hence, over 200 artists have already signed up  and joined their own personalised Soundrop rooms  including Enrique Iglesias, Imagine Dragon's, Robin Thicke, Owl City and Zedd. Believe it or not, these names are only the ones to join since the begining of the year, meaning this is only going to go one way....watch this space.