Hunter Trends - Keep Calm and Helvetiphant!

The Hunter gang are big fans of art and print, especially our head hunter Lynn, whom counts a host of stunning art deco prints to her name. Her most recent purchase, from RED DOG/THE STORE, is the helvetiphant print, which now takes pride of place in her home along with her other gems.

Her love of art and print has got us thinking of some of our favourite pieces and their origin, in this office we all agree that the 'KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON'  legacy takes a firm seat at the top of their most memorable and inspirational prints. We were astounded when we researched this, to find out the origins and the story behind such a widespread print, which is know known all over the world! So check out the story of Keep Calm and Carry on, below! Its sure to warm up the cockles of your heart this Friday morning.

You can also shop for stunning, one of a kind Irish designed prints on Red Dog/The store's online store by clicking here.