Tips from the best must be worth something

They're all at it! The toast of the fashion crowd are sharing their tips. First James Brown gave some young bands some fashion tips back in 2004 because they looked to scruffy, then Tom Ford gave his 10 rules of style and now milliner Steve Jones is sharing his top tips for wearing hats.

  • Bring a hand mirror - A hat has a front, back and sides to be examined.
  • Just like Tom Ford's tip to wear your suits doing daily duties, Jones suggests wearing your hat around the house in order to really let it become you.
  • If you can, don't just put your hat on yourself with some bobby pins, let a hairdresser dress your hair with the hat.
  • Always try new styles because there are so many hats out there - bowlers, turbans, caps, berets and many many more.
  • Another famous milliner, Philip Tracey, also advises that a hat doesn't have to match an outfit but can be a stand alone statement piece.

Here at Hunter, after meeting with An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, President Mary McAleese and the Queen we feel we may need a hat very soon and will definitely take these tips on board. And Who knows, maybe we can auction off ours like Beatrice. In order to keep it Irish, we'd probably choose Bray milliner Sarah McGahon, Belfast's Grainne Maher or one of the many other talented Irish milliners to make our hat. (obviously we'd love some Philip Tracey to hug our heads - if your reading) To wrap this up we'll show you some of our hats so far this year. Victoria Beckham - royal wedding Princess Beatrice royal wedding Kate Middleton Garter Day Ceremony