Things which Pinterest us... RED DOG edition

If you haven't yet heard of RED DOG / THE STORE, they are your one-stop-shop for all things Irish and cool. All of their products are well considered pieces of design that are incredibly well made. You will find something for everyone - even your furry little friends! Most of their gifts are limited edition and hand made.

Our RED DOG friends have been up to a lot recently, hosting a pop-up in Designist and releasing pretty cool new tea towels which is based on their very popular Typographic cotton versions (found here). Not to mention how busy they have been spreading enthusiasm, stimulating energy and providing a sense of protection from fears and anxiety with their RED stuff! Did you know that the colour red does that? Well now you do... Everyday is a school day kids.

But rather than listen to us talk about how great they are, stop by their online shop, or Pinterest where you will really enjoy their products, more visually!