Things to do in Dublin: Hunter's Weekend Picks

Thank God it’s Friday! And oh what’s that? The sun in shining! Here are Hunter’s picks for fun things happening around the city the weekend.Family Fun: POM-BEAR Family Picnic ZoneThis is popping up at Laya Healthcare's City Spectacular on Merrion Square, Dublin this weekend and Cork next weekend. The City Spectacular is Ireland’s biggest free summer festival entertaining over 250,000 people with performances, family workshops, food villages and much much more summer fun. So come for Pom-Bear and stay for the fun. Music: Beyoncé is coming, so look fabIt’s the summer gig we’ve been waiting for. Rihanna may have been good last month, but we reckon Pop Royalty Beyoncé may just trump her! She’s going to rock Croke Park on Saturday, can’t wait to hear some of ‘Lemonade’ live and in person. We’ve been listening to her on Deezer all morning. Sport: #Euros2016The Euros 2016 are coming to a close. We reckon the best spot to catch the last game is The Back Page in Phibsborough. You can have the best of sport and the best of food - They do the best pizzas. So even if you’re not overly into football, or you’ve lost interest since Ireland got the boot, it’s a good spot for Sunday pints.