Things to do in Dublin: Hunter's Weekend Picks!

We know most people are on their annual "new year, new me" buzz for at least another week and have little or no money so let's just say weekend picks are thin on the ground but for those who want to venture out of hibernation, here's some options.   Movies: The Hateful 8 Quentin Tarantino’s latest blockbuster isn't being screened everywhere due to a fallout between cinemas and the film's distribution company, so you can put away the Cineworld Unlimited card and take your business elsewhere. We've read some  mixed reviews but you probably want to make your own mind up,  just like the rest of us.  Worth a watch,  it is Tarantino for gory's sake!   Comedy: MVP Clanbrassil Street, D2 - Improv Showcase  MVP in Portobello are holding a comedy improv night upstairs this Sunday.  We know it's a pub but you don't have to drink y'know but sometimes it helps. This is actually a showcase so you can't take part on this occasion but if you want to witness a bunch of strangers doing live improvised comedy, get there for 8pm. If you prefer to be the one doing the performing you can always log on to  to see how you can get involved. Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 15.24.29   Event: Handstand Workshop (Very) Alternatively you could spend Sunday afternoon learning to do a handstand and it'll cost you a mere  €25.... or €20 if you're a member of Yoga Hub.  According to their Facebook page, this workshop is suitable for all levels but before proceeding you should ask yourself the following  questions before parting with your hard earned cash: "Are you scared to try handstand? Would you like to know the secret to a solid handstand away from the wall? If you would like to mindfully learn the tricks and tips to hand-standing then this workshop is for you." Sold? thought so. Happy hand-standing folks! Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 15.38.18