"Unless a picture shocks, it is nothing" – Marcel Duchamp

SJP Vogue July 2011 Shot By Mario Testino Being in the world of fashion, we are bombarded but inspired by photography from every angle. Yesterday we saw SJP's new Vogue shoot shot by Mario Testino. This motivated us to take a vote on some of our favorite photographs and photographers. Daphne guinness - Twitter This picture was chosen because we are huge fans on Daphne Guinness and avid followers of hers on Twitter where she spills her heart, her mind and her amazing photos which she takes on her phone. This is a great example of how smart technology can be used at its best; to inspire people as Daphne does. We recently did The Carphone Warehouse experimental sessions with some up and coming Irish bands where some smart technology was used to create music and was again good to see what can be done with just phones and tablets. Annie Leibovitz Shots Alexander McQueens Final collection For Vogue Obviously we were going to choose Annie Leibovitz but it was the hardest decision to pick just one out of all her incredible shots which include 99.9% of all Hollywood stars, Queen Elizabeth II and not forgetting the iconic John Lennon - Yoko Ono portrait. We chose this one because it mixes two of our favorite things; Annie Leibovitz and Alexander McQueen's final collection. Note that the picture links to a profile of Annie Leibovitz: life Through A Lens movie. Alexander McQueen And Isabella Blow for Vanity Fair For David LaChapelle we wanted to use something from Artists And Prostitutes with Amanda Lepore but they were all a bit too risky! However, we love this one just as much; a look into the mind of the McQueen, Blow, Tracey, Guinness artistic mindset. This picture makes us believe that there is a reason native Americans feel that taking a persons photograph steals there soul; there seems to be a piece of a person in what they portray in photography which they hide from reality. Unless a picture shocks, it is nothing. - Marcel Duchamp [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zd4LGFTkN1I&feature=player_embedded#at=223]