The Ultimate Festival A-Z

Festivals are a staple of the Irish summer starting with Life Festival in May and running through to September with the ultimate festival finale at Electric Picnic. Each weekend sees the country go into a festival frenzy and girls walking the street adorned with flowers in the hair and love heart wellies. We have put together the ultimate A-Z  guide in preparation for Oxegen this weekend. Keep our guide in mind when you’re getting ready for the festivals this summer and you’ll be sure to have a festivaltastic time! A- Apples- We all know an apple a day keeps the doctor away and with a weekend of takeaways a certainty at any festival at least one item of food not deep fried is essential B- BBQ’s C- Condoms- Stay safe kids! D- Deodorant -4 days of no showers and dancing your socks off will be sure to leave you smelly and sticky and if you don’t want to send your tent-mates running for the hills we suggest you invest in an industrial sized deodorant E- Earplugs F-Firstaid kit G-Glow-sticks-Who doesn't love glow-sticks??? H-Hipflask -avoid the massive drink prices with a sneaky naggin or hipflask I- Insect repellent -No one looks good covered in insect bites, make sure you always have some repellent in your bag and if the insects aren’t biting you I’m sure it’ll work on the drunken men pinching your bum J-Jumper K- Knickers- No excuse not to be wearing them ladies L- Leggings M-Mirror- For those brave enough to see what four days of not washing and chilling out  in a pool of rain water does to you N- New socks O- oompa loompa - One thing is sure, you will most definitely be seeing some terrible fake tan jobs on an endless number of girls whatever festival you head to P- Phones- Make sure you don't end up lost and alone in the middle of a muddy field; a festival phone is a must. The Carphone Warhouse have a great festival phone for just €15.99. For that price you wont mind dropping it in the middle of a mosh pit. Q- Queues - Skip them if you can or stick the lippy on and flash your smile to get ahead R- Raincoat - No.1 essential with the Irish weather and if it doesn’t rain you can always use it as a pillow S-Sleeping bags - Get a double one to keep things cosy! T-Tents U- Umbrella- come rain or shine the umbrella will be your friend and if you can always use it á la Japanese tourists to find your lost friends. V-Vodka W-Wellies - If you’re sick of the same old Penneys love heart wellies get yourself a pair of the always cool Hunter wellies and they wont fall apart in the middle of a mud bath like their €10 counterparts X- Xanex- Can’t handle the festival frenzy? Xanex it! Y-Yurt - If you’re just too cool for the lowly tent get yo'self a Yurt Z- Zzzzzz For the lack of sleep you’ll be getting for 4 days and for the 24 hour sleep you’ll be having on Monday afternoon.