The eclectic office

As an employee you dream of having that perfect office, not too corporate not too dainty, as an employer you want to create an environment which will stimulate creativity while  also creating a relaxed atmosphere for best results out of your workers.

When you walk into Hunter PR towers you can immediately notice the quaint personal touches which we all enjoy, from cool graffiti art to blasts of colorful furniture, we have plenty to keep our minds stimulated. We decided to bring you on a journey of our favorite items in our office.

From bright pink florals to absolut vodka mementos which have been collected over the years. Hunter PR is a complete mix of eclectic meets modernism with vintage pieces throughout. The mix of quite unconventional pieces of furniture adorned throughout our office in the end bringing bursts of character.

The overall look of our office sets a tone which makes you want to be more creative and have a little more fun which allows us to stay original and do our jobs to our full potential.