Mr. Tayto at Bloom!

We headed down to Bloom Festival in Phoenix last Friday to check out the award winning Tayto concept garden "From Potato to Packet". We were taken aback by the sheer number of people in attendance.  The main man himself, Mr.Tayto was there to oversee things in the form of a massive, 17 foot topiary sculpture. As you can imagine this went down a treat for the kids (and adults alike!) who were mad to get their photo taken with him. Mr Tayto Topiary   Mr Tayto  

 Potato to Packet

The concept garden designed by David Everard included the largest water feature at Bloom which turned a giant 10 foot waterwheel. The waterwheel drove a 50ft conveyor which included 200 water jets which demonstrated the various stages involved in processing a raw potato to its final destination as a fully fledged pack of Tayto crisps!   Tayto Water Feature at BloomTayto at Bloom Conveyor Tayto at Bloom Conveyor1Tayto at Bloom Conveyor2  

 Award Winning

The garden was awarded a silver gilt medal which designer Mr Everard said was "unintentional",  but we think it definitely deserved it! Crowds at Tayto Garden Bloom