Summer;The Ultimate One-Night Stand

The ladies in Cosmopolitan think the Summer is kind of like the ultimate one-night stand: hot as hell, totally thrilling, and gone before you know it  and we have to agree, there's something about the summer that all those other seasons just dont have. Hunter PR have the ultimate essentials to get you through the ultimate one-night stand and make sure you make it Autumn with your dignity intact. Obviously on our fair isle we can't rely on the weather and no matter how hot it is the rain is guaranteed and wellies and a good raincoat will never go a miss. Hunter and Barbour are classics that will not only help you get you through this summer but endless summers to come; unlike that see-through mac you bought for a €1 in Penneys and is now chilling at the back of your closet. Bikini, Tankini, Swimsuit or Burkini...whatever your choice unless you're planning on going for a skinny dip you will most definitely need something for hitting the beach in. For those of us lucky enough to be jetting off too sunnier climes or for those brave enough to endure the freezing water at the 40 Foot some sort of swim wear is essential. Head to American Apparel; hipster central, to get decked out in the coolest of swimwear although its probably best if the men keep walking past these gold shiny swim trunks. Festivals have become a staple of the summer and unless you want your weekend ruined by the loss of your shiny i-phone in a muddy moshpit a festival phone is essential. The Carphone Warehouse have the perfect phone for festivals;at just €14.99 the Alcatel phone will get you through any festival without breaking the bank. One thing that is guaranteed to be in everybody's pocket come summer is Vaseline. Whether you use it as part of your make up routine or just for soothing your lips ,Vaseline is one of our favourite beauty products. For protection from the sun be sure to get the yellow tin which has SPF 15 and will keep your lips pucker perfect for all those holiday flings.