Steal my sunshine

The sun is beaming and it feels like the height of summer, the summer we never really got, but never the less the sun has come out to grace our skin one last time before we truly embrace the cold. Officials say we may see at least a few days of temperatures up in the 20s and today has certainly proved that. The sun is beaming over Dublin and everyones out to lap it all up.

The Indian Summer has inspired us here at Hunter PR towers and we're feeling very summery all over again but we know this won't last so that said we have concocted a how-to plan to fit a whole summer into just 4 days for all of you summer bugs out there. So without further a-due here is our how-to plan to relive summer again in just 4 days!

Day 1

  1. When we think summer, we think clothes, clothes, clothes!! What summer outfits will I be dressing up in? Summer may be gone but don't put them outfit's away just yet. Pull together all your fav's and give them one last day out of the wardrobe. Or if you can afford it get some of your favorite fashion mags and head into town and try to recreate your favorite looks for less were loving the three fab Boutiques in Naas  Aria, Fabucci & Stripe here in Hunter Pr Towers.
  2. Gather up all of your friends and get down to your local park for a picnic in the sun bring some frisbee's, Twister Ice-Pops and iPod speakers and your all set.
  3. Finish off the day with some dinner in your favorite restaurant about town we recently had some lunch in the Canal Bank Cafe and the chicken wings were to die for!

Day 2

  1. Nothing says Summer like some water sports! head down to Grand Canal Square to get on some paddle boats or to try out some wind surfing to start your day.
  2. Now that your on a high after your water sport adventure, why not flame up the BBQ and invite over all of your friends for one last BBQ party. Having a BBQ is a great way of gathering everyone around before they hibernate for the winter.
  3. Now just because your keeping the summer alive doesn't mean you have to avoid autumn treats.. Oktoberfest is happening from the 22nd Sept - 9th October, rally the troops and head to Georges Dock to experience some German tradition.
Day 3
  1. Oktoberfest may have hit you hard so a little rest may be needed, where better to do that then a trip to the beach! Grab your bikini's/shorts and tanning oil and get down to your nearest beach for some well deserved R&R.
  2. Now that your well rested you won't mind a little adrenaline. Grab your helmets and get on your bike your going cycling! cycling is a great way to whizz about the city seeing sights you wouldn't normally see. if you don't have your own bike to whip about on, DublinBikesTours is a great way to get to know your city a little better.
  3. No summer is fulfilled without a great night out on the town! throw on your best summer outfit (with a jacket just incase) and head out for some fun and frollocks with your besties.
Day 4
  1. Last day! you gotta make this one count we recommend a......ROAD TRIP! yes! fill up the tank, grab a map and set off for a fun filled day out. Ireland has some super sights to see, get out and see some.
  2. Locate a market while on your road trip, markets are so much fun most of them provide some music, great food, cool little nick nacks to buy, and some truly eclectic people a great way to spend your day!
  3. Last but not least a great way to end your 4 day summer bonanza ? See a movie! heading to the flicks is a great way to get you back in the land of the living and prepare you for the on-coming winter as you and the flicks may become great friends what with the rain an all..
so there you have it folks, our answer to grabbing yourself a slice of summer before it all disappears we hope we've inspired you to enjoy this grand bit of weather were having.