So long, Farewell Harry Potter

After weeks of waiting, the day had finally come... the premiere of the final installment of the Harry Potter  films. Excited doesn't even begin to describe how the Hunter PR team were feeling. We eventually battled our way through all the muggles outside and made it into The Savoy where the excitement was building. Chants of Harry from outside, children in wizard costumes  and endless faces with the never-cool 3D glasses; we were in Harry Potter heaven. After what felt like forever the time finally came for the movie to start but before that  we were treated to some of the cast of the movie, our favourites being the Weasly twins who I am sad to say have brown spiky hair rather than the red locks they sport in the films. Without wanting to give anything away let me just say the film was AMAZING and fans will not be disappointed.  Please J.K Rowling write another installment I just don't know what we're going to do without Harry Potter in our lives... We'll just have to make do with the Potter Puppet Pals until you stop messing about and get another Harry Potter book written. [youtube=]