Snow is here but more importantly the Alfa Romeo competition has arrived!

We know the snow has arrived and it is causing a lot of problems! So to change the subject lets have a look at Alfa Romeo's amazing competition... Alfa Romeo are doing something that has never been attempted before... To celebrate the arrival of the award-winning new Alfa Giulietta, they are giving 8 of them away to 8 very lucky people! To enter all you have to do is upload a photo, a video, or simply write a paragraph via the Alfa Romeo Ireland facebook page telling them why you deserve an Alfa Giulietta. Clock up the most 'likes' in your category and you will become one of the lucky 8 who gets to drive and blog about the Alfa Giulietta for a year. The contestant with the best blog wins the car for good. Not a bad competition eh! The key thing to remember is that Alfa Romeo are looking for real people so just be yourself! For more details visit Alfa Romeo Ireland’s Facebook Fanpage: or visit the competition website In other news, I know it is only the start of December but to get carried away with the weather outside.. here is one of my favourite Christmas tunes! [youtube=]