Snapchat and Instagram stories what's the difference? - Hunter Chats

With Snapchat currently leading the way in the realm of instant video and image sharing it seems other companies are now following suit and creating their own versions - but what are the differences, if any?

Users of Instagram were introduced to a surprisingly familiar update titled 'Instagram stories' last week which basically replicates Snapchat's metric. So are they really that similar? Let's start with the common denominators;

  • Both Snapchat and Instagram story images and videos last for a max duration of 10 seconds
  • Both disappear after 24 hours
  • Both are called 'stories'
  • Both allow text and drawings to be added
  • Both include filters
  • Both share who viewed your story

So where are the differences? If we're honest, there doesn't seem to be many but here are a few that we've found;

  • Instagram doesn't tell you if people have screenshot your story
  • Snapchat has a more extensive list of filters
  • Instagram have more drawing options
  • Geofilters are exclusive to Snapchat (for now!)
  • Instagram allows you to view the profiles of those who have watched your story

Many view Instagram as the more curated of the two platforms with people using Snapchat to showcase more of their personality and personal life rather than 'picture perfect' streamline images. This privy element of Snapchat has resulted in some businesses feeling reluctant to delve in and this could be where Instagram has the upper hand. People and personalities, on the other hand, seem to be feeling quite alienated by the new Instagram update and have been using the service to share their Snapchat handles - oh the backlash! We for one cannot wait to see what comes next as rumours of Facebook testing front facing filters have just surfaced...