Retired and Revived

Retirees in 2012 have begun to take a whole new direction, from adorning fashion magazine covers to taking up blogging! These OATs (Old Age Trendsetters) are being favoured the world over with celebrities being swapped for people who better represent their customers and target audience.

Marks & Spencers are the most recent brand to jump on the late life creativity band wagon culling Dannii, Mylene and Twiggy in favour of models ranging from 20 - 57 (scroll down for video)

Cult magazine The Gentlewoman, a publication that has previously featured Adele, Christy Turlington and Céline designer Phoebe Philo on its front page, has also grabbed hold of the old-age-trendsetters-trend, featuring 86-year-old star of Murder She Wrote, Angela Langsbury on the front cover of their Autumn / Winter 2012 issue. Far from 'Gimmicky' - Angela's shoot is inspirational for older women and is a stepping stone to cementing older-women in to today's fashion.

Shock of the old: Angela Lansbury on the cover of the Gentlewoman.

From fashion campaigns to photo-shoots to the ever growing popular topic of blogging, blogging has become an essential tool to most web-users around the globe, with most teens now thinking a blog is just as important as having a Facebook and / or a Twitter account - blogging however is a key way to express opinion and to reach an audience. Ronna Benjamin a previous real estate attorney of 28 years had an epiphany around the time she turned 50 years old - leaving her life as a real estate attorney and jumping right into the world of writing with her own blog, writing humorously about thing's over 50s are concerned about, adult children, aging parents, illness, anxiety and insomnia to name a few.

These Old Age Trendsetters are just the beginning of a world embracing diversity and old-age  - a world the Hunters long for...