Rainforest Cancer Care

Unfortunately it seems that more and more of us know someone who has been affected by cancer.  Most can fight the disease with chemotherapy but chemo and radiation can leave sufferers feeling extremely tired, drained and sensitive.

It's because of this increasing number of people with cancer and the desire to help them, that Adrienne Stewart owner of the award-winning Rainforest Spa in Enniskerry, decided to launch a special programme of cancer care treatments, specifically designed for those battling the disease.

Adrienne decided to contact Christine Clinton a specialist therapist who is based in the US, who has developed the Christine Clinton Cancer Care Program. Christine worked very closely with the Rainforest team, training their therapists to the highest standards.

Rainforest are now the very first Spa in Ireland to be officially certified as "Cancer Aware" by international body "Wellness for Cancer" and Spafinder. 

These safe, effective and tailor made treatments are aimed at easing pain and discomfort and can be taken before; during or after a programme of chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

The Rainforest Cancer Care treatments are suitable for both men and women and are endorsed by the Irish Cancer Society as a beneficial alternative therapy, which works best in tandem with traditional medical treatment.

Clients can avail of the bespoke one-hour treatments which are tailored to each client’s exact physical and emotional needs in the relaxing, peaceful setting of beautiful Enniskerry.

For more information: http://www.rainforest.ie/

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