National Dairy Council - Bring on the Pros!

The National Dairy Council teamed up with Irish Sports heroes, Derval O'Rourke and Rob Kearney for the Milk It For All It's Worth competition, 'Bring on the Pros'. The competition offered winners, Clonmel Athletics Club and Portarlington Ladies Rugby Club, the once-in-a-lifetime chance to win a training session with Irish professional hurdler Derval O'Rourke and professional rugby player Rob Kearney.

The Morton stadium and the Old Belvedere Rugby Club played hosts to both training days. The competition winners, the Clonmel Athletics Club and the Portarlington Ladies Rugby Club were  amazing winners and made the day a very special experience for all involved...

Rather than let us tell you about the training days, see for yourself, some of the spectacular images we got from each day!