Je t'aime moi non plus

Hunter Communications love of fashion began when I first worked and lived in Paris as a teenager with Irish fashion guru Sue O'Connell who now is the co-owner of Smock, Dublin. As young au pairs, we would spend our hard earned cash on French Vogue and packets of Gauloises cigarettes! We thought that we weretrèschic! Sometimes we managed to charm our way into the famous nightclub - Les Bain Douches. This was the HOT SPOT for fashion models and designers. We dreamed of being part of Le Cool set! Looking back now there was no hope! But at the time, we thought, we were rock stars.. These are some of my favourite French Vogue Covers that were purchased with my hard earned cash & to all you daydreamers here is a song to take you back to your youth! Certainly brings me back..Au revoi, À bientôt, À la prochaine.