It's All Systems Go For Deezer

Yesterday, the worlds media gathered in the famous London music venue "Ronnie Scott's" for a Keynote presentation with Deezer CEO Axel Dauchez. Promised news of groundbreaking developments from one of the worlds leading music streaming providers, they were not left disappointed. They say that good things come in threes and the news to come certainly cemented that theory. First and foremost, reports that Deezer had more than doubled the number of paid subscribers in a year, reaching 5 million across more than 180 countries. This milestone along with building an army of expert editors meant that they had over delivered on their promises. However, in true Deezer fashion they weren't happy with keeping up with the world and were focused on leading the charge. Their mission to do so, led them to the development of three unique features that would have them tower above the rest.   1. HEAR THIS "Hear This" is a feed that acts as a personalised music recommendations system. It works by suggesting new music to you based on the music you have been listening to, playlists created by your friends as well as hand picked recommendations from Deezer editors. The more music you listen to, the more the system will learn about your likes and therefore the stronger and more accurate your recommendations will be. If you ever dreamt of having your own personalised music stream, picked by music experts and tailored for you, now you do. This incredible feature will only be available to Premium + account holders and will be available on all devices to ensure you have your own music stream wherever you go. 2. DEEZER APP FOR MAC This development is much different than your usual desktop app, and certainly lighter and quicker to use. Without over complicating things, this basically unifies your music collection on your computer with Deezer's vast catalogue. Regardless of the file format, whether mp3, wav, or AIF, all of your music library is synchronized with Deezer. What this means, is apart from having access to over 30 million tracks from Deezer, you will also be able to access your own music at the touch of a button. Anything you favourite through this app will automatically be available for you to listen to on your mobile device once you leave your computer. 3. EXPLORE Explore by name, Explore by nature. This function provides you with a unique way to discover the latest releases as well as picks and recommendations from 50 Deezer editors'. Discovering new music has never been so easy as it allows you to navigate through region as well as genre. The best new music from anywhere in the world is now available at your fingertips from wherever you are. For more information on the above developments, you can watch Axel Dauchez' full Keynote presentation here