Hunter's Mid-Week Media Round Up

Every Wednesday we'll be bringing you a midweek round-up of media related stories which caught our interest over the last few days.

 BBC 3 to go online only!

From February 16th,  BBC 3 will be available online only. What about Family Guy I hear you say??  relax,  it's going to ITV2. It's obviously a major cost saving measure and with younger audiences already watching on-demand services, it looks like the move makes sense. There's also a new six-part drama from Skins writer and a collaboration with Idris Elba’s production company to look forward to.  However, one of the main arguments against the move is that not everyone has a great broadband connection.  Only time will tell how successful it will be.

How Snap Chat is targeting over 35's 

If you're a little bit confused by Snap Chat and think its only for kids, well it seems you're not the only one, in order to change this opinion the U.S  Snap Chat marking team have launched a  full on campaign targeting over 35's who also happen to be parents, business owners and consumers with more disposable income. Resistance is futile.

Warning to iPhone Users 

Some silly people are sharing a link which could crash and reboot your iPhone or iPad.  It attacks the Safari browser by releasing thousands of characters that overload its memory, over heats the phone and then shuts it down completely. Don't do it!

Don't say you haven't been warned!

98FM launches new Breakfast Sow 

After the shock departure of Ray Foley and JP before Christmas, the Dublin radio station this week welcomed back  Steven Cooper to front it's brand new Breakfast Show "The Big Breakfast"  Cooper will co-host the show alongside another former iRadio guy Luke O' Faolain.

Best o' luck lads!