Hump Day!

Hey! Have been away for a few days in the land of no computers, was quite liberating to be honest.. So whats happening this weekend seen as we are at Hump Day the only way to look is up! Well this weekend is the Festival of World Cultures which is a definite must go, attended last year and it was a great day out from good music to great food. Also on this weekend is the Carlsberg Comedy Festival and my recommendation is to go see Reggie Watts who is on the Sunday evening very talented and great fun! Check out this video below: [youtube=] Also if you are looking for a chance to win some free tickets, with Facebook if you suggest Hunter PR NOW to all your friends, we will give away double tickets to Castlepalooza every time we hit an extra 500 people (from now until the festival). Also some festival goodies up for grabs! Get on it..