Girl Power

Today we're all about the Girl power here at Hunter PR. This started when we read about a favorite blogger of ours, Anna Saccone in today's Metro Herald. Anna and her boyfriend Johnathan Joly are celebrating the one year anniversary of their YouTube vlog, The SacconeJolys which has followed the ins and outs of their relationship religiously throughout the past year. We have been fans of Anna since she first started her own personal vlog, the style diet, which focuses on promoting positive body image. Also check out Johnathan's personal YouTube Page, Getting The World Motivated, again sending out good vibes. Check out these three blogs if, like us, you are looking for some feel good bloggin'. Anna Saccone Next, after turning a few pages we read about Australia's Slutwalk which took place in Sydney yesterday. It follows the success of Canada's Slutwalk after a Toronto police official said that "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised". Excuse us for getting political but we agree that we should be able to wear whatever we want. If somebody likes their legs then show them off, wear a crop top in summer if you like your stomach, if you find a burqa empowering then wear it with pride! Law (in the case of the Burqa) - and certainly not crime - should not stop us from expressing ourselves in the way we most enjoy; through fashion. Only last night we looked fabulous at the L’Oréal Professionnel Colour Trophy Awards last night in Laundry room and got our hair and make-up done in Brown Sugar beforehand. We could not imagine a world where we can't feel at our best because we must to adhere to criminals' standards. Slutwalk Another story catching our interest is that of A Gay girl in Damascus blog. We will now stop being politically minded for a moment and simply say that we LOVE that the everyday stories of a girl in Damascus can capture the attention of the world. Although we mustn't forget truth of the matter, it is nice to hear a positive alternative to all the negative stories we're hearing from Syria. For the men reading, we apologise for TMG (Too Much Girlpower) but there's only three minutes and 40 seconds left. Only the Spice Girls seem appropriate right now, and how fitting, girl power just down the road from HunterPR on Casnew Street! [youtube=]