Five rules for facebook

So last week we ran through a few of our general twitter tips, we didn't want facebook to feel left out so here is our by-no-means-definitive list of facebook rules. Less is more A twitter home feed will change constantly throughout the day, not the case with facebook; you don't want to be filling up the newsfeed with constant posts. Number of posts depend a lot on the particular business and strategy, but unless you are an online news service there really shouldn't be more than a few posts a day. Less is more (part two) The less is more maxim doesn't just apply to volume of posts, but also to content. Facebook doesn't impose a character limit on messages, but that shouldn't mean posts become essays. As a starting point the twitter limit of 140 characters is a good place to start. There will be exceptions, but generally short and sharp works well. A picture tells a thousand words We love writing, we really do, but a strong picture can make text redundant, especially on facebook. People may occasionally share a strong text-based post, but it will be rare. Sharing a picture is far more likely. Don't obsess over sharing We know this is slightly contradicting the last 'rule', but getting a share (or a like) isn't the be all and end all. Yes it's great when a post hits home, but just posting for the sake of getting shares can be a dangerous game. You might get a lot of shares if you post that latest funny cat picture, but does it have anything to do with your business or the image you're trying to project? Comments can be key Like replies on twitter, using comments effectively can be key to garnering an engaged facebook following. It can be fun having some back and forth in the comments, and the more it happens the more it's likely to happen. So there you have it, our five rules for facebook. Not definitive, but hopefully helpful!