Five reasons to be excited about Samsung Galaxy S4

It's now eight days until the Samsung Galaxy S4 hits stores and in the weeks since the New York unveiling there have been plenty of facts and figures released about Samsung's flagship phone. But rather than hit you with more stats (does the term Android 4.2.2 really mean that much to you?) we put together five easy-to-understand reasons why this phone is one to get excited about. It raises the bar for Apple Competition is a good thing and the more innovative Samsung (and, in fairness, HTC and Sony) are, the more Apple will be pushed with the next addition of their iPhone. Where a couple of years ago the iPhone threatened to make a monopoly of the smartphone market now everyone has an opinion about what's the best option. The S4 will only make the competition more fierce. We're getting closer to 'Minority Report' technology Air Gestures and Air View allow users to scroll and preview items without touching the screen. And for anyone who has watched the Tom Cruise sci-fi classic that must be viewed as a reason for excitement. Gaming on smartphones is taking a big step forward A few false starts aside, the history of gaming on phones goes; Snake, Angry Birds...and that's it. EA Sports' deal with Samsung means we are finally going to start seeing major game titles getting their own bespoke smartphone release consistently. No more lost in translation From a business standpoint the S Translator app will be a major problem solver when travelling abroad. For those of us with Leaving Cert French or German it will be a fun app to test out the few remaining phrases we remember. It might even get us off the sofa The S Health app turns the S4 into a fitness tracker, something we could do with given the amount of games we'll be playing on the device.