Five general rules for twitter

Articles about twitter, and how to get the most from it, are starting to rival cat videos in terms of their ubiquity online (note: nothing actually rivals cats videos, but you get our point). Still we thought it worth throwing in our tuppence worth with five rules-of-thumb for using twitter. Twitter is here for the long haul Not news to most of you, but there are still those who believe 'the twitter' will go the way of Bebo, tamogotchi and Freddie Prinze Jr; that it's a passing fad which will feature on future editions of Reeling in the Years. Twitter may well drop significantly in popularity, but for the time being it should be a part of any businesses online marketing strategy - not just an afterthought. Talking is good Where many twitter users fall down is a lack of engagement with followers, just sending out tweets like digital flyers - all information, no interaction.  Responding to other tweets, putting some personality in there, makes a twitter account more than just a online notice board. Lists are your friend They're still underused by so many twitter users. We follow over 2,000 accounts (don't worry, we love you all dearly) and by using lists we can keep a eye on news in certain areas quickly and easily. Music, technology, fashion etc; each list is like a really good specialist magazine updating in real time. Of course we still like our home feed for unexpected randomness. Twitter doesn't standalone Whether it's established platforms like TweetDeck or HooteSuite or emerging sites like SproutSocial, there are plenty of different sites which compliment twitter. Using twitter on its own is like having no apps on a great smartphone; it still works, but you're missing out on a lot of cool stuff. From scheduling tweets, to getting multiple networks and streams, to gaining insight on engagement; it's well worth checking out at least one social media management system. It should be fun Really, we're not saying that in the way your Ma said a rainy day should be fun, it genuinely should be. Less than a decade ago business was conducted through email, the occasional phone call and maybe the odd business lunch. All pretty formal. Now the whole world is out there to chat to on social media, if you can't find a way to have fun (and be professional - it's not an oxymoron, honest!) then you need a different job.