Fighting fit with Medicare

Whether it is a scrape, burn, cut or graze, it goes without saying that a first aid kit is essential in every household. For high quality, market leading medical devices and equipment, Medicare are proven leaders in the field and provide the perfect solutions for keeping your family in tip-top shape.

From First Aid kits to child and adult Nebulisers, Burnshield Hydrogel Digital Scales and Thermal Fleece Blankets, Medicare ensure that you and your family have everything you need. Medicare's equipment is perfect not just for your home, but also for your place of work, children's school or  local sports club.

Don't get caught out when an accident strikes - Pick up your Medicare home first aid kits and medical equipment in all good pharmacies including Boots, Unicare, Hickeys, McCabes, Bradleys, McSweeny, SOS, Mulligans, Health Express, Adrian Dunne, Brian McCartan, Pharmacy first plus, Sam McCauley and O'Sullivan Pharmacy.